Everyone’s got a story to tell.

I've written over 100 stories and blogs living in various nooks of the Interwebs.
From guest posts to entertainment reviews to "take-a-title-and-run" content.
This content serves the company by telling personable and relatable narratives, which draw the customer in.
Here's just a sample.

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Scotland Wright Associates

“The Weather Company Case Study”

“Reliance Worldwide Corporation Case Study”

My Friend's Nephew

"My Friend's Nephew Takes Home Four W3 Awards"

"My Friend's Nephew Storms Davey Awards With 15"

The Blue Mountain Review

“The Colorist”

Help the Persecuted

“Daisha’s Story”

“Nazar’s Story”

Goomba Stomp

Annie Armstrong Easter Offering

“Matt and Laura Lawson”

“Muche and Diamone Ukegbu”

“Together For His Kingdom”

MASIH Clothing

"The Light of the Universe"