Way I see, there's 2 options:
1. Spend an ungodly amount of time writing and rewriting this page, trying to be as authentically witty and creative as possible so you'll think I'm talented and cool and a good guy so you'll hire me.
2. Just tell you straight-up who I am.

Given my Mac is on 35% and my charger is now officially broken...
I think I know which option to choose.

Hi. I'm Zach.
You've probably met plenty of Zach's.
They might spell it Zack.
Or Zac.
Or even Zakk (?).
But they're still a Zach at heart.

I live in Atlanta.
I'm married and we have a dog.
She's half shih tzu and half pitbull.
 The dog is.
Also accurate for my wife, though.
She's 5'4 but she's a feisty one.
(I love her for it).

I like good TV.
I dislike bad TV.
I enjoy great books.
I do not enjoy crappy books.

I love to write.
It's fun.
It's my dream job.
I really love working on teams. But also alone, too.
I don't know how that works either, but it's true. 

I'd really love to work for you.

(Yup, I chose option 1).

ps.  let's talk.

phone: 770.861.2219
email: wzachriggs@gmail.com